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Movies Scenes & Lead Actors Filmed in and around Yuma Arizona

Renovation 2010
Currently in post-production

Star Wars (Special Edition)
George Lucas Film
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In The Army Now 1994
Pauley Shore, Lori Petty
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Silent Fury 1993
Joe Estevez, Sidney Morgan

True Lies 1993
Arnold Swartzinegger
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Nemisis 1993

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991)
Brick Bronsky

Singled Out 1990
Joey Travolta, Danny & Nannete Spear

Old Explorers 1989
James Whitmore, Jose Ferre

Rambo III 1988
Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna
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Hard Knox 1984
Robert Conrad

Stars Wars 1977
Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill

Hawmps 1976
Slim Pickins, Jack Elam, James Hampton

Beau Geste 1966

Seven Days in May 1964
Burt Landcaster, Kirk Douglas
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The Sad Sack 1957
Jerry Lewis, Peter Lorrie, David Wayne

Bengazi 1953
Richard Conte, Richard Carlson, Victor McLaghlen
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Last of the Comanches
Lloyd Bridges, Broderick Crawford

Rope of Sand 1949
Burt Lancaster, Peter Lorrie, Claude Rains
Black Day/Blue Night 1995
Gil Bellows, Mia Sara, Michelle Forbes

Tank Girl 1994
Lori Petty

Stargate 1993
Kurt Russell, James Spader
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The Getaway 1993
Alec Baldwin, Kim Bassinger
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Class of Nuke'em High 1990

A Climate for Killing 1990
Katherine Ross, John Beck

Night of the Wilding 1990
Joey Travolta, Wings Hauser

Fortress of Amerikkka 1989
Gene LeBrok, Kelly Bradley

Spaceballs 1987
John Candy, Mel Brooks, Rick Moranis
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Return of the Jedi 1983
Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill
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March or Die 1977
Gene Hackman, Terrence Hill

Cyborg 1973
Lee Majors, Darren McGavin

Flight of the Phoenix 1965
James Stewart, Ernest Borgnine

The Badlanders 1958
Alan Ladd, Ernest Borgnine
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Desert Sands 1953
Ralph Meeker, J. Carrol Nash

The Desert Song 1953
Gordon MacRae, Katherine Grawson

The Desert Fox 1951
James Mason, Jessica Tandy, Sir Cedric Harwick

During 1943-45 Motion Picture Industry utilized other areas due to Yuma's importance to the war effort.

Immortal Sergeant 1943
Henry Fonda, Thomas Mitchell

The Desert Song 1943
Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning, Gene Lockhart

Road to Morocco 1942
Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour
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Gunga Din 1939
Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Sam Jaffe
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In Old Chicago 1938
Tyrone Power

The Sheik Steps Out 1937

Another Dawn 1937
Errol Flynn, Kay Francis
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Under Two Flags 1936
Ronald Coleman, Claudette Colbert

The Lost Patrol 1934
Victor McLaglen, Boris Karloff

The Three Musketeers 1932
John Wayne

Morocco 1930
Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich
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The Big Trail 1929
John Wayne

Desert Song 1929
John Boles, Bebe Daniels

Romance of the Rio Grande 1929

Beau Geste 1926
Ronald Coleman, William Powell
Five Graves to Cairo 1943
Franchot Tone, Ann Baxter
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Sahara 1943
Humphry Bogart, Lloyd Bridges, Bruce Bennett
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Road to Zanzibar 1941
Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour
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Beau Geste 1939

Suez 1938
Tyrone Power, Loretta Young

Trouble in Morocco 1937

Red River Valley 1936
Gene Autry

Garden of Allah 1934
Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer

The Barbarians 1933
Myrna Loy, Raymond Navarro

Beau Ideal 1931

Women Everywhere 1930

Four Feathers 1929
Richard Arlen, William Powell, Fay Ray

Hell's Island 1929
Jack Holt

The Son of the Sheik 1926Rudolph Valentino

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